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How To Live With A Roommate

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Lincoln IL-

The change from high school and moving away to college can be difficult for 18-year-olds. For some people this is the first time being away from home and not having their parents help. One of the hardest things to do in college is live with a roommate. For most freshmen they start out by living in the dorms.  You could be living with up to four people. The most important thing is to connect with your roommate.

The first thing you need to do once you find out who your roommates are, is to start a conversation. Before the school year starts, get to know the person you’re living with and talk to them about what they are going to bring so you don’t end up bringing duplicate items.  Try to compare class schedules with your roommate(s) before the year begins to see if you can establish a working dynamic around those times. Another good reason to discuss schedules is to find out when they need to use the bathroom for taking a shower and getting ready for the day.

Talk to your roommate(s) about how they like to study and what time of day they usually tend to study so everyone knows when they need to be quiet. This will be very helpful during finals time which can be very stressful for everyone in college.  It is very important to let the people you live with know if you have any illness. According to Forbes magazine, several thousand students at the University of Pennsylvania and Princeton University developed pink eye. It all started from the dorm room where a student did not tell anyone they were infected..Pink eye can spread fast which could be bad news for everyone living in the dorms.

The No.1 reason why roommates experience conflict is because they don’t respect each other’s stuff, according to Kelci Lynn Lucier the author of “10 Tips for Getting Along with Your College Roommate.”  Don’t borrow, use, or take anything without getting permission first.  Even if it’s as simple as taking some water or a snack make sure to ask them first so you can avoid any awkward tension with the people you’re living with.

According to to the article “Campus Life” here are some things you might want to do if problems arise with the people you’re living with. The first thing you can do is talk to them if something is bugging you, the worst thing to do is not say anything. The next thing you can do is stay flexible, this means it is not your job to fix anybody else. Look at what you can do differently to help the situation.  Make sure you make time to hang out with your roommate(s) so you can create a bond. The worst thing you can do is not talk to the people your living with, it will be one long school year and you might even become depressed during that time. I actually learned it the hard way when I transferred to the University of St. Francis in Joliet. I did not talk to my roommates at all at ended being bored all the time which made it very awkward walking into the apartment each day. I ended up becoming very depressed during the half way point of the semester which lead to my grades to drop and I chose to leave the school after one semester.

Make sure you get along with the people you are living with and communicate with  them often. If you can do all the things stated above you will have a great four years in college and it will end up being the best time of your life.

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How To Live With A Roommate