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How To Balance Extracurriculars and Classes In College

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LINCOLN, Ill. – When you were applying for colleges they always ask on their applications: “What activities were you involved in?”. I know from personal experience that I named all of the activities I was involved in on the application. Little did I know that college admissions offices look at what you did in high school to see how you will fit into their college atmosphere. The same can be said for getting involved in college. According to, joining Student Government shows leadership skills, while having a part-time job show that you can balance your life around multiple things. After you graduate from college and start applying to jobs, companies look at what you were involved in on campus during your college career. The person who seems to have been in the most stuff will more than likely get the job, according to Joe Hendrix of Lincoln College’s Career Services. But what no one tells you is how to manage both your classes and extracurriculars while you are in college.

First of all, time management is important. Not everyone realizes how important time management actually is to success. This is the case with most college freshmen. Most freshmen have that high school mentality still and they don’t know the difference between preparation in high school versus the preparation in college. One of the biggest things that can come from not having time management is procrastination. According to, many students procrastinate and feel stressed out when studying for tests and quizzes. Students need to maintain a balance both through their school work and through their classes.

In order to maintain a balance in your life you as the student need to do quite a few things. suggests four things. The first thing is to remember that academics come first. Academics are a priority because we need to learn all of the skills we need in order to actually know what to do with our degree after we graduate. In my case, I also need high grades in order to maintain my academic scholarships through the college I attend now. So grades are very important. The website also suggests that you develop a schedule. This can be done through many ways. What I did to maintain my extracurriculars and my classes is to get a planner. When you get a planner you can write down all of your classes, what homework you have in each of those classes, and what meetings or activities you have for that day. I also use a whiteboard in my room. Every month I fill out my whiteboard for which nights I work and when certain tests are coming up or what projects are due. This helps me to figure out what responsibilities I have for each day. Another suggestion was to be picky about signing up for extracurricular activities. This is very important because you don’t want to overextend yourself, and while being in all of these different clubs and organizations is great for your resume, it might not be good for your mental health. The last thing they suggest to do is take a break. Breaks are important because they help you to de-stress and unwind. Don’t burn yourself out.

You also should manage your stress. Campus mind says that  If you don’t manage your stress then you could be completely stressed out and run yourself down. Do not run yourself down because as college kids we have so much going on that we need to be focused all of the time. One way I find coping with my stress is to see a counselor. I can vent what I am feeling and it is nice just to have someone to listen.

If you follow these steps not only can you be ready for the real world, but you can have a fun and healthy college experience. It will all be worth it in the end.

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How To Balance Extracurriculars and Classes In College