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Jigsaw – 2017

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In the ninth installment of the popular horror franchise, Jigsaw seems to have to returned from the dead and the games have begun for the first time in seven years!

Filled with plenty of twists, turns and obnoxious traps to rip unlucky players apart. This chapter in the Saw series seems to set up a new era in the franchise and bring it back from the dead! The plot of the film revolves around five people captured and forced to confess what they have done to end up playing Jigsaw’s (Tobin Bell) deadly game. This film is hard to explain without giving away too many spoilers but this movie was definitely made for fans of this series. The gore aspect was neat and the story was filled with plot twists but I feel like the characters didn’t have any personality and the traps could have been a lot moe creative.

3/5 Stars

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Jigsaw – 2017