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A Night at The Rave With Chappo, Mac Demarco, and The Flaming Lips

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The show began with Chappo, a Brooklyn-based band with a modest 2K Instagram followers and less than 9K Facebook likes. (And they’re touring with Mac Demarco and The Flaming Lips? Talk about living the dream.) The crowd went wild as anticipation was high, and they definitely started the show off with a unique bang.

Alex Chappo, frontman of Chappo at the Rave September 18th, 2017

The psychedelic-rock foursome kept their set short and sweet, but it was nothing short of a trip (at least that’s what the big screen behind the stage implied, as clips of retro movies and the letters “LSD ”flashed across the screen in trippy fonts and colors).

The Rave was packed by 8:30 – Mac Demarco’s set time. Mac walked out on stage in a modest baggy orange t-shirt (probably thrifted) and jeans. He introduced himself, his band members, and the smooth, low synth of “On the Level” kicked off the show.

This show sure drew a diverse crowd. It seemed a lot of the younger crowd was there for Mac Demarco, indie music’s favorite gap-toothed prankster. Demarco just released his third studio album, This Old Dog, but he played multiple songs from his past works including “Ode to Viceroy,” “Salad Days,” “No Other Heart,” “Cooking up Something Good,” “The Stars Keep on Calling My Name,” and of course, ending his set with “Chamber of Reflection.”


Mac Demarco at the Rave September 18th, 2017

The vibe of his set was, as you’d expect, very chill (minus the attempt at a mosh pit that formed during a jam session between Mac and his tour band). As someone in the crowd lit a cigarette early on in the set, you could hear someone from across the room shout “at least wait until “Ode to Viceroy!” (one of Mac’s most popular songs, a tribute to his favorite cigarette brand). After his set of a little over an hour was over, Mac flashed the peace sign and headed backstage, despite the crowd’s chants for one more song.

It seemed that the older, more seasoned concert-goers filed in once Mac Demarco’s set was over. Even I gave up my spot to go get a drink, and by about 10 pm, it was time to wait for The Flaming Lips to perform. I continued to watch from the back of the venue as the magic unfolded.

Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips at The Rave on September 18, 2017

The Flaming Lips are known for their crazy, larger-than-life shows.
Wayne Coyne, the band’s frontman, was like an over the top cartoon character, wearing an all red getup paired with an eye-patch that matched the color of his curly, salt-and-pepper hair.

The show did not disappoint, especially the colorful confetti party with balloons and a rainbow of lights. It felt like a mixture between Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory and a rave. It was truly an experience to be had.

(Photos by  Rhianna O’Shea for

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A Night at The Rave With Chappo, Mac Demarco, and The Flaming Lips